Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Advice Me A guys is playing Me & my friend...

A friend of mine has a boyfriend whom she has never for once introduced me to. But she is always talking about him and mentioning his name (I never cared). One day a fb friend request entered phone and it was exactly that name and picture of the dude, I accepted the request and next we started chatting.....then calls and whatsapp.

 Initially,I didn't mention to him anything about the babe and he played on. I was gradually getting used to this nigga both his calls and chats, I was also asking him questions and pressing him to talk about his gf and past relationships, which he did and never mentioned the girl, instead he swore that he was single "not dating" presently. Next, he started inviting me to his place (he's based in another state). I told him he would have to visit me first to prove this love he is professing, at first he claimed he is always busy. At a point I had to open up to him that i know the girl he's dating... I gave him details of her, funny enough, this girl is like my own sister, she can come to my house and sleep and eat, do everything, even when nobody is at home she can collect the house keys and go in nobody will question her when it's only her in the house. I told this guy about he and he started begging, pleaded that i shouldn't talk to her about it. On my own i wasn't going to tell her (that i don't know if it's right). So for some time, he stopped calling and chatting me often has he grew to.
As days goes by, he started complaining bitterly how this girl babe has been cheating on him and that he's only trying to withdraw from her, he gave me cases and instances which i also confirmed. Now we re friends again, he visited me twice last week when he was traveling and when he was going back to base, he stopped by to see me. Meanwhile as he's claiming that they re having issues in the relationship, they re still talking.. Now he's asking me to come visit him and am really considering obliging bt having a 2nd thought because they still talk and normal.. But he claims he loves me and only gradually getting rid of the bae. (he will send T fair 😜)  Please u guys should say what u think is right.. No abuses!

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