Monday, March 14, 2016

Advice Me: I Am In An Abusive Relationship And She Calls Me Weak

I am tired of my relationship because I have this girlfriend that really has a sharp mouth, she is always quick to throw insults at me in an argument and hide under her being a woman so she is allowed to run her mouth. Once we have any disagreement, she just begins to rain abuses on me and if I do so much as make any response to her, she believes that I am a weak man.
Now I believe we live in the 21st century and women don’t live under the rocks of “I am a woman,” any more. Am I really a weak man for standing up to her or what do you think I should do? I once told her that all genders are equal and if she thinks she can get away with always running her mouth, she won’t with me. Her insults are quite demoralizing and not good for my state of mind but when we are not at loggerheads, she always seem to be the perfect woman.

How does one deal with an abusive woman?

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