Monday, March 21, 2016

Advice Me: I Am In A Long Distance Relationship And Unhappy But I Love Her

For 9 months I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend whom I  met in Lagos during my internship and we started dating sometime last year. After my internship I went back to school to finish up, now she is back in Lagos. Before I was leaving Lagos we had a heart to conversation  that “was she going be comfortable without me when I leave ?” She told me she would so I left, few months later we started having issues from one story to another.

One of the main issues we had was the fact that both of us started feeling unsecured  especially her. Now at this point in my life I don’t need something to bother me emotionally. She stopped being who she used to be, now I want to break up with her but at the same time I love her so much but I feel breaking up will help me because it’s pretty much intense at this stage. I have lacked focus all because of a relationship and I have not been happy and am as faithful as I can be despite the fact we are miles away.

So should I break up with her or stay? Because it hasn’t been easy for the past four months and am tired.

Please I need your candid advice.

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