Monday, March 21, 2016

Advice Me: I Have A Stingy Boyfriend Who Also Complains A Lot

I want to thank the admin of Marital ties, she is really doing a good job....

The issue I have is that I would like other blog readers to advice me on the issue of my boyfriend whom I have been dating for about 11 months now. He is a good guy but I noticed that whenever the issue of money comes up, he tends to get angry and would feel like I am trying to use him for money which is not true because I feel relationships should be about mutual support. This is someone I have on several occasions paid for our dates. My friends will kill me if they know about this but thank God you are not going to be publishing my name with this mail.

I have to tell you, I am currently doing my NYSC and he graduated like two years back and started working recently. I see a future for our relationship but I need to be sure that it is not something I will regret later on because if he is stingy now, what would happen if we eventually get married.

That is just one of the problems I have with him,, another issue we have is that he can complain! I thought it was girls that complain about things but he complains about every little thing and it is like he is just waiting for an excuse to say something about what I have done wrong. When he is not complaining, he is loving and caring and this is really confusing.

Please, I need a solution to this headache of mine. Thank you.

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  1. For d stingyness and d issue of complaining all d time,he can change,but d chance is 50/50,but if u no u can risk it by going ahrd wit him to say yes I do,just help him in praying for God to intervene and try to talk it out wit him,God help you


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