Monday, March 14, 2016

Advice Me! My Girlfriend Dosent Tell Me She Loves Me...

Hello guys! I really your advice on this. I met a girl four months ago through a friend. I asked my friend to tell her that i like her a lot, which he did. Then later i ask my friend to collect her number for me but she told him to "forget that thing". Some weeks later I met her around my lecture Hall and i asked for her number. I said "i asked my friend to collect your number but you refused. oK can i have it or maybe i should give you mine?" She replied by saying "no, let me give you mine".

We started talking and she visits sometimes. After about 2 months, the physical contact increased as she visits me every night and she will leave my place late at night most times. Recently, i asked her to be my girlfriend because i like her very much. She looked down for awhile and she said yes. I was happy that night and i cuddle her for a long time. Now the problem......
When i noticed she has changed her phone i asked where she got it from and she replied "why do you want to know? i let her be and later that night she told me her dad got it for her. If i tell her i love her, she doesn,t say it back but she will say "ok dear". She always seems sad whenever i giver money or something. Yesterday, she told while we are talking on phone she told me that when her cousin ask about me she told her(the cousine) she didn't know me. whenever i ask for sex she will say i should be a little patient and that she will give what i want in just a little time. wheneve she comes to my place sad and i ask what the problem is she will continually say "nothing" even if i ask 100time and she is always happy when i ask for something from. I had to ask a lot of times if i can kiss her before she allows me the first kiss. Guys, i am confused about her love because she never she loves me. Pls is this girl playing me or using me as a backup plan. Or does she loves me. In either case, what should i do?

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  1. You are a man, so act like one. Set up a date, somewhere cool, ask her passionately what she feels about will get what you want to know. Goodluck


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