Saturday, March 12, 2016

Advice Me: My Girlfriend Is Double Dating But Agreed To Marry Me

I have a girlfriend who also has another guy before we met. She is currently seeing the both of us and I know about the other guy but he doesn’t know about me. She tells me everything about the other guy but never wants the guy to know about me. I don’t understand it or what it is leading to. I am not really comfortable as when she is with me, she picks the other guy’s calls but if she is with him, she doesn’t take my calls.

She is however caring and nice to me and I can give my all to make her happy. We spend the night together almost every day but I a confused. When the guy first found out about me, he was making trouble with her and we both decided that she will hide our affair from him till she is able  to sort out things with him. We have been together for like three years now and she has even agreed to marry me.
I don’t know what to do, because of her I am thinking of relocating to somewhere far where I won’t be seeing her because am much too in love with her to handle losing her and still keep on seeing her.

I am going mental and really need advice.

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