Saturday, March 19, 2016

Advice Me: My Mother And Girlfriend Don’t Like Each Other

I have a disturbing issue on my mind and I feel having others tell me what they think about the situation will really help my mind. I am a man of 26 years and I live with my mother although I am financially independent and have been thinking of moving out recently.

I have this girlfriend I have been dating for about four months now. I know four months will be considered a short time to be considering marrying someone but I feel she is the one and I have known her about two years before we started dating. She really likes me and I like her as well. The problem is however this, when she and my mother met, they just took an instant dislike to themselves.

You know how Yoruba women can be, my mom complained that she didn’t like the way the girl greeted her and that she does not want to see her in the house again. She said she is not stopping me from dating her but that she does not want to see the girl in her house. What I don’t understand is why my mom wouldn’t want to see her despite they have not met before and what happens if I end up marrying the girl?

The girl in question has refused to ever come see me at home again over my mother’s treatment despite my apologies to her and she is also of the opinion that she does not see herself marrying a man that his mother does not like her. I have asked my mom why she doesn’t like my girlfriend and all she keeps saying is that she is not choosing a wife for me but she doesn’t like the way the girl greeted her.

Please advice me because I really like this girl and like I said, I have been dating her for four months with no issues and the two years that have known her, have not had any reason to dislike her person.


  1. Invite her again and let her greet her like they haven't met before and she should talk to your mum softly to start afresh

  2. So simple, tell the girl to come to the house and greet her properly and also dress well

  3. Hmmmmm,first,abt ur mum,u need to talk to her privately and ask her to tel u d rsn y she did not lik d gel,i strongly bliv is not bcos d gel did nt grt her very well,secondly about d gel decision,dat a gud decision if ur mum behaviour towards her is not corrected,(same tin happen to me too,i av to liv d relationship bcos d woman just dislike me) if truly u want d gel pray to God to put d luv of d gel in ur mum hrt.


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