Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Advice My Friend, she is so confused...

I have a friend, she is in a relationship with a guy,but she has a male friend who they have been friends for the past 2yrs now approaching her recently....

The guy rely loves her in depthly, ever ready to introduce her to his family. Though,  he is from a good family background, he is caring in all aspects... Up till now the guy is putting pressure on her that he will do anything to make sure he dates her.He can,t control his emotions any longer...  But the surprising this  is that he is aware she has a girkfriend but he doesn't care..

So the Question is
(1) should she inform her BF about this guy
 (2) tips on how to make the guy get rid of those emotions because she does not wanna loose the friendship with him......

Please what do you Advice my friend. Thanks.

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