Monday, March 28, 2016

Am I over Reacting....

Hi everyone,

I will like to get an external feedback from this situation, have been in a relationship for 3 yrs with my woman, we both hv met each others folks, and are preparing for marriage. Now something of late has began to bother me, my woman has a lot of male friends, i wouldn,t know if they toast her or she just zones them. she came to see me for the easter came all the way from the east to the lagos. Now we go out today and on our way back she receives a call from one of her toasters who she claims she zoned and he is upset, that he is Lagos the guy travelled from osun to lagos to see her. And right in my presence she was describing her address to the guy but forming "who sent him message to come visit her blablaba". As a guy, nw hearing the call and every i probed abd began to ask questions, and she began to say em the guy is annoying dis and that she claims the guy is a friend but attempted dating her ones which she turned him down. The thing dappled my spirit after a fun day i just switched on radio and began to sing. i personally saw it as being disprespectful and i refused to talk much in the car.

Now to my question, am i over reacting? does it sound okay for a man to travel across states to come see someone who is already engaged? I was tryin to believe her initially dat maybe the guy was just an innocent friend, it then occured to me that she told this guy she was comin to lag. they must be discussing very often. 

So what do you guy think? i hv had to cut alot of relationship with other when i made up my mind she was the one

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  1. Well,it's clear they keep in touch regularly so it's either they are good friends or he is really interested in her but you do not tell your bf 'who sent you to come visit', I would advise you just keep an open mind,try to trust her while being cautious, better still meet the friend, you are engaged and there is nothing wrong with knowing the friends of your wife to be. All the best


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