Sunday, March 20, 2016

Am married, but my ex is pregnant for me.....

I am not a player, I actually can't tell why this is happening to me. Am Fred, am a civil servant, I reside in Uyo, married since 3 years ago.

My wife is a lawyer, since we have been married, we don't have a child, but am not complaining. We have visited a lot of doctors, but they all confirmed we are medically ok.
Recently I pumped into my ex, those days in school, she was my first though, I loved her so much, we where supposed to get married, but it didn't work out for both of us..

We became close, that we do hang out atimes, one day I visited her at home, I couldn't resist myself, one thing lead to another, we had s*x that night, just once, I did not spend the night there though....

Yesterday she called that we needed to see urgently, I had to rush to her house after work, only for her to tell me that she is pregnant for me. Inside of me I was actually happy that I can father a child. She said she wants to keep the baby, and that if I don't take responsibility, she willl tell my wife, and you know lawyers how they behave....

But am married, how can I handle this Now?

Please I need candid advice please..

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  1. U no diz is coming,so I blame u for diz,and again are u sure d preg is urs,or d lady is trying to giv som1 else preg to u bcos of 1 rsn or d other,she noz better. D best tin is for u to confess ur sin to ur wife,is going to hurt her, but dat is d best solution


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