Monday, March 28, 2016

Bae Is Sick And Tired Of My Hot Temper.... Anger Management Tips Needed Urgently

As a child. I was a terror, as an adult a greater terror. The day I stood up a bank in the south East, disarmed the mobile police man and was in a stand off with his colleagues simply because he slapped me when my phone rang in the banking Hall (intercontinental bank. 2007). Was the day I decided to check my temper. I was saved by a soldier on scene who disarmed me and whisked me away.

I was in hiding for months till I returned to the same bank months later to slap the same policeman, entered a bike and zoomed off. Only to go into hiding again. I realised then and there that my display was cowardice. Thus I started my philosophy of changing my behaviour.

Asides some incidents of road rage, revenge etc. I have calmed down alot. By the time I started dating bae,I was technically an angel. Years have now gone. And I noticed my anger issues have surfaced. Though I don't get physical. But I raise my voice alot.

Bae is soft spoken, plus hates my screams and easy to cry,. I feel so bad whenever she cries and I always promise myself never to scream again. Yet I notice I keep doing it. She is really trying to ensure angry episodes never happen. I an trying too in my own way. I used to watch comedy series to bring out my fun side. But apparently comedy series like modern family and the rest are hard to come by.

I have alot of pent up energy in me, sex and comedy never solves it anymore like before. I need to change soon before my behaviour drives a good woman away from me. Thanks to my apparent lack of self control in anger.

What activities can I do to help myself. Please don't tell me to gym. I am naturally built and 6ft 4. Any other gyming would make me a bouncer look alike. I used to play soccer actively but I have stopped thanks to my job.

Mature response from like minds highly required. Thanks

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