Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blood Oat !!!!!

Hello Marital Ties Subs,

I am a girl in my early 30,s, I was once married to a man, had 2 girls for him, but he beats me a lot, he was so harsh that anytime I hear the sound of his car, I am always scared, this was the first man in my life, he disvirgined me. So I was so much in love with him, but was wondering why he maltreats me that way.
We shared so much love and care together
before we got married. After the second daughter he changed drastically. It wasn't easy for me, the beating was something I couldn't bear. I was wondering what I did wrong, or was it because if the 2 girls I gave me.

One day he came back from work, I was sleeping, he came in, sat down, I sincerely didn't know he was back, he started shouting at me, that all I do is sleep, before I knew it ,he started beating me, that was the day I left the house. But he didn't allow me take my kids with me.
That was how that marriage ended. After 2 years, I got married again, I was scared hope I won't pass through what I saw with my first husband. My second husband promised me that he will never leave me. That he loves me,and that he will always be there for me. Made a lot of promises.

I told him the only way I can trust him, is when we take a blood oat. Which he declined, I told him, that means he is planning to leave me like my first husband. After long run, he agreed and we took The BLOOD OAT.

Now we had issues, he was worst than my first husband. And we have divorced again.

And before Now, I remembered vividly that my mum insulted a woman that was seeking for the fruit of the womb and the woman with bitter heart cursed her that no child of hers will ever stay in her husband,s house, is it what am passing through.

Please what can I do about the OAT we took?

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