Monday, March 21, 2016

Choosing the Right suitor.... Who do I consider & why?

I am a young lady in my mid 20s who is blessed to have a whole lot of suitors, much more than you can imagine. But to keep my story short, I will go straight to how I have narrowed my option down to two young men. Mr A. Is a very strong and hard working man, very humble, sincere, caring and God fearing. Mr A. would give everything to make me happy.

He has all the moral qualities I desire in a man but physically he doesn't match My Mr ideal. Number one, he has this very strong mouth odour which turns me off completely. He has no degree and or exposure, and no regular paying job although he is a contractor and that manages to pay off at least four times in a year but in the months in between his pay cheque, trust me,...

...u don't want to imagine the "kori"
I have tried to work on his bad breath and it doesn't seem to be paying off, cos each time I make an attempt, I end up disappointed with the result.
I am a sulker for clean guys with a good dress sense but on a scale of 1 - 10, I will rate Mr A. 3 for personal hygiene and appearance. I have talked to him about starting a business to...

...back up the contracts, he is in for it but raising a capital is no joke especially with the state of our economy.
Now, my biggest fear with Mr A is that his mouth odour may never go away, how do I spend the rest of my life with a man I can't even kiss?
I have an international degree, which my mom put everything to make sure I achieved. Now how do I explain to her...

...that I have decided to settle for someone who has never seen the four walls of a university?
Does it really matter in choosing a life patner? Finally, how do I cope in a marriage without a regular source of income, with his numerous siblings to cater for? ...Please  advise me.
Mr B is a strong hard working and God fearing man, he is very clean as well although...

...not so much of a dresser but on a scale of 1 - 10, I will rate Mr B. 5 for appearance and 8 for personal hygiene.
He has no responsibility  (siblings to cater for, unlike Mr A). He is doing well financially, in fact we met in the country where I studied. Mr B, in my opinion is not a bad person but I sort of find him very opinionated and highly controlling. He has.. much pride that I sometimes wonder if I can handle him for a life time because, I am equally opinionated with so much pride that I expect everyone to yield to my opinion.
Now my concern is, if I marry Mr B. How do we deal with our pride? I love to be the boss and he loves to be the boss, who will bow to the other???. I am comfortable around Mr B.

Cos we started off as friends and can relate on a whole different level from Mr A. I love Mr B. But the pride issue scares me a whole lot, we have been dating for 3yrs now and we are already "gbenshing".
He started talking marriage in December and he is serious about it. I love Mr A. As a friend, infact from the first time we met, he told me that I will be his wife and he...

he hasn't stopped proposing. My fear is his hygiene issues & how to deal with them for life. Please note that Mr A. And I are not dating or having s*x, but we visit each other, hang out a lot & share ideas.
My dear blog visitors, if you were in my shoes, which of these young men will you settle for??? Bear in mind that your opinion counts, as I am presently confused and about to run away.


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  1. You are a lady... Your opinion shouldn't count all the time, I'm not saying you shouldn't have a say but not all the time, work on yourself first and be with Mr B if you can work on yourself.


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