Friday, April 1, 2016

Crumbling Relationship... I Need Your Advice

Good day, I am scared and confused on what to do. I am in a serious relationship that is a year plus old, we shared so many good memories together and I can confidently say that we genuinely love each other. However, there has been series of issues which has really threatened our commitment, and has made us reach the point of breakup.

The lady in question is older than me by  some margin. This has made my family uncomfortable and they do not really accept her and she could feel it as well.
Aside that, she feels she has a spiritual problem which she feels has been affecting me. She tried looking for solution with none forthcoming and she feels someone is against her from settling down, and that the person or thing whatsoever looks to stagnate the life and career of the person that she wanna settle down with, while she progresses in life. This will make her be the breadwinner of the house. This problem affected her parents and she can see the signs with us too because She has got a good job while I am yet to get one.
She explained to me, and said she is loves me so much, and that she wants me to reach my potentials and careers goals and not suffer.
She advised we remained friends and nothing more... However, we find it difficult doing that because we have genuinely got connected to eachother and we so much slice eachother that we virtually do everything together. Hence its so difficult for us.
I need your advice as to what to do next, because as it is now, it's really driving me crazy. Matured mind pls because this is a very serious and sensitive issue

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