Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Desperately & stupidly inlove......

I met this guy 7years ago when I was in the university, we were in the same class. We dated till January last year, but he broke up with me saying he wanted a younger girl from his tribe (I'm Yoruba and he's from south south). As at the time he told me, he was already dating another girl, younger and from his tribe. I was heart broken.

Throughout last year, I kept praying he changes his mind and come back to me cos I loved him desperately. I kept turning every other guy down hoping he'll come back. I kept begging him too. He said he realised he made a mistake that he still loves me but he cannot break up with his girlfriend. By December last year, I decided to date someone else and forget about him.

He came back January this year begging that we start over. His girlfriend broke up with him. I told him I was already seeing someone else and I can't leave my relationship to get back with him. He kept begging. Just as I decided to leave my current relationship and get back with him, he started acting strange again, saying we should take things slow.

Last week I found out he's already seeing someone else again. I'm heart broken, despite all these I still love him. (My current boyfriend is also acting strange cos he's seeing someone else behind my back). Word of advise please.


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  1. Y did you have to go back to someone who dumped a 7years affair. He's not just worth it. Concentrate more on your new relationship


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