Sunday, March 20, 2016

Did she do wrong by telling him her body count?

She's my best friend. In fact, she's a sister to me and I care about her a whole lot! I met her a year ago but we are already so close. She has met tons of guys and they've all used and dumped her more or less. She met this new guy and he's all she wants in a guy. All was well and good between them until he started asking about her past. They spoke over...
...the phone without seeing each other for like 3months before they eventually met on Valentine's Day and she's so in love with him right now that she talks about marrying him already. He's the type that wants to know all about a girl and her past. She intends to be very serious with him and doesn't want any fault to come from her even if they eventually fall...

...apart. He said he would rather hear it from her than to hear it outside so she told him everything, including how she's done runs twice before ( he doesn't even believe it's just twice, he thinks she reduced the number), she also told him that she has dated like 15 guys altogether and she had s3x with them all, she told him she aborted once, and that...

...she's dated a married man before etc. He's more bothered about the fact that she's just 20 going on 21 and she's done all this and she could still do it again. He believes she's still young and her eyes are still out. But he's very wrong! This my friend is an hijabite now and she prays 5times daily even. She has really changed and he doesn't believe she won't go back... it. And now I feel really bad because I was the one who advised her to tell him everything about her since he insisted he wanted to know, but I didn't expect her to be very specific. He's on the verge of breaking up with her because of this and he has already had s3x with her too. He's judging her based on her past which isn't... All she does is cry and it's affecting me too. I'm going through a lot too right now and I can't even confide in her because she could feel I'm rubbing my 'perfect' life in her eyes.
Please I need your advice.
The End.

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