Friday, March 25, 2016

Do I go for tempered guy or a divorce......

I am into a relationship with two guys. One is a divorce and the other is a single guy. The single guy is asking for my hand in marriage but he has a clause. The clause that I mean is that whenever we have little misunderstanding the guy will delete me from all his social network & contact.

Sooner or later he will show u‎p again and start begging for forgiveness that such will never happen again. This will be the third time he has done this. Mind you, this guy in question never buy me a gift talkless of giving me money for my upkeep...though I never ask him for such, but I think it is the duty of a guy to take care of his girl.

The divorce guy has one issue, (a child) with the ex./wife. He is a very cool headed guy but he might be mad at times. He knows his duties as a man. But the only problem i'm having with him is that my body and soul does not support me marrying him due to the issue earlier mentioned. Because I always thought of a question within me that if I get married to him "I think am...
...not getting married to another person's husband".
But the guy in question keeps assuring me of his love but i'm scared at the same time i'm confused. I don't even know what to do, I don't want to choose wrongly.

 Please fellas, help a sister in need.

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