Friday, April 1, 2016

Everyone She Dates Becomes Poor!

Last week I was traveling from Abuja to Lagos and had to spend nearly 16hrs on the road cus we had to stop for long hours at some points to buy fuel. The girl sitting close to me was nice and accommodating and so we became friends. We talked about a whole lot of stuff and then she told me something really weird. We had stopped at a filling station in Ibadan and spent quiet a long time there, one of the male passengers offered to buy us food, we politely turned him down and continued gisting.

She told me the guy had tried to start a conversation with her at our first stop in Lokoja but she declined, I laughed and said it was only natural..she looked at me and said she had an issue, I asked what, and that's when she told me that she noticed that any guy she dates runs into a terrible financial misfortune,like from millions to zero within a short time and that it had happened to 5 previous men. She said she confirmed this after a pastor had prayed for her, She had gone back to someone she dated 4yrs ago who had lost everything and started afresh. She said he was doing fairly ok again and even had two shops on the mainland, 7months into the new relationship the guy lives with his younger brother in a self contained apartment and still can't say how he got to zero yet again. She said she was in Abuja for deliverance and will suspend dating till she's free from the spirit. I was shaken, I mean these things happen and people are held in bondage unknowingly, so please here's to all men out there; Pray like it's the only thing left to do, you really never can tell..

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