Thursday, March 17, 2016

Funny way fornication would have landed me in a big trouble.

Hello Marital Ties

I want to share a story that put me in a big trouble . i am a 23year old house boy and i work for this young couple and they are quite nice. my trouble started last sunday when the wives sister who was based abroad came back home. she has been based in the UK for the last 2years for her masters program. And now decided to visit home,we picked her at the airport and took her home. omo see bakassi and big breast the. sister sexy die she is a little older than me or around my age omo i don trip die and you know how they work out there abroad giving them that perfect shape that drives a man crazy.
They arrived home wining and dining and everything went well.
 The husband was not at home so the wife used the opportunity and slept in visitors room with
the sister so that they can gist. they gisted for a couple of hours after which she was feeling sleepy due to the stress of the journey. unfortunately their was no light and the husband was not at home to bring fuel which we cant get around due to scarcity of fuel.
The wife decided to sleep with her in her room since the hubby was,t at home, after a while the sister complained about too much heat and decided to stripe naked, my oga,s  wife also did.

The wife after a couple of hours around one o
clock in the mid night was feeling uncomfortable because the sister sleeps hap harzardly she can just turn and sleep on her or put her legs on her and sometimes occupy 80% of the bed in yoruba they call it jarunpa.(dunno the English translation) the wife decided to go to her room and i saw her and asked and she explained to me. i was having late night chat then. and i was eavesdropping wen she said she wanna strip because of heat.

I have been fantasizing about lying nakEd next
to her naked sexy body. omo dat will be l
paradise on earth. Then the devil gave me an
idea.The idea that will land me in hot soup. she might be thinking her sister went to urinate and she will be expecting her and again she was a deep sleeper the one they can beat during sleep and she wont know. so if i go to her room naked, she won't know am the one.

Who do you guys think? Should I try it

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