Thursday, March 31, 2016

He dis-Virgined 3 of us out of the 4 Girlfriends he had....

I met my boyfriend 2009, he's a sweet and loving guy, I wont call it a relationship becos it was a on and off relationship..due to my family issues. he still cares about me,my business and anything I do he's concern about it. Last year november we started again wanting to get serious and to settle down.

I got dis-flowered by him this year issue now is Monday this week I got to find out he has 3 girlfriends, he dis-flowered two of the girls, I was so heartbroken and deceived then i decided to confront him more..he cried and told me he is so sorry for everything, that he has broken his principles and he's really confused right now..

....that I caused it all, that I wasn't there for him all these years.. he said these few months have been with him has covered it up so I asked him what's his decision, he said he loves me so much and i should stay by him, together we will fight this through.

yesterday I had to tell him I cant continue with the relationship that am so hurt right now. he pleaded with me that I should be strong for him. he said two of the three ladies already refused to marry him.. he's going 2ru a lot now. ..i love and feel for him so much and I am ready to stand by him but is he worth standing for?

Please  I need your sincere advice

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