Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Help Me: My Girlfriend wants to kill me........

Kindly hear my experience:

 I have been dating this girl for over 3months now and everything has been fine. So last week I decided to invite her to my place, and she didn't hesitate to come. When we were together, her phone rang but she refused to pick her call, and I asked her why she didn't pick. She said nothing, and for me to check who had called her. I saw 'Sterling Bank calling'; and I begged her to pick, may be the Bank wants to give us money. After that, another call was coming in, 'GTB calling', she ignored it. UBA followed and I picked it but the caller didn't talk and I cut the call.

Every relationship has its problems, but what makes it perfect is if you still want to be together when things go wrong. minute later, First Bank calling, she put it on silence; when Zenith Bank called, she shouted at Zenith Bank. When Fidelity Bank was calling, she rejected the call. Later after an hour, one call entered her phone
singing John Legend's (all of me) song; just to check who called her, I saw 'CBN', and she picked it and answered the call well. Later when I asked her, she said that one of her Uncle working there used the office landline to call her. I said Ok. Few minutes later, WorldBank called and she Happily with so much excitement picked the call. After she had finished receiving the call, I picked up my phone to flash her number... Guess what I
saw....?! Micro  Finance. I have not been myself since then o. If woman no fit kill u, u no go die again o, u go just de live de go till daaa kingdom com. Chai

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