Sunday, March 13, 2016

I am foolishly Inlove....

Admin please share...  i have fallen in love with a man that will never be mine. From the start i knew it. I met him a year ago and have fallen in love since day one. He had a girl with a kid and another baby on the way. We met at my sisters house and its wrong from the very first moment i knew. I spend a month staying over with him because his girl was living in another town and we were in the same town.

After the first 3 weeks he began to be quiet and we didn't see each other anymore... One night i went to him to see what's happening and find him with a woman next door. I stopped seeing him and told him all the same. In January, my mother asked me how he's doing because we live now in the same street and said we must go and visit.
I haven't talked to him in 11 months & i knew his wife & 2 kids are living with him now. So i gave him a call & asked him if he was at home my mom wants to visit because he is my sisters step son. And from the moment i walked in his house i knew i still want him and i still feel the same no matter what happens. He told us his girl is with her mother & things are not so good.

He spend that night at my house and after a week. Then his girlfriend came back but still he will visit my house in the morning & one morning 3 weeks back he called me & told me she left for good now & not coming back. I felt bad cus i knew i was part of that. Last week Monday he told me he wants us to become a men escort. It broke me in the inside bcus he knew i love him.
He puts a add on the Internet without me knowing and again his behaviour changed and i knew there was someone else but didn't asked. Thursday he told me he met someone and he his going to visit her the weekend again all broke down and everything hurts.  But on Friday he called me and ask me to stop by after work.

So i did he told me about the add and the girl. He asked me to spend the night there because he bought drinks and don't want to be alone. Knowing i won't say no. We started drinking and he started to talk more telling me he loves me but i cant be the girl he wanted i'm everything he wants but it just can't be me.

The whole weekend i was hearing about this girl on Internet and still its all he talk about. I just can't stand it anymore.

What do i do because i love him so madly please help.



  1. Ur story doesn't make sense.. sounds like you should move on


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