Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am Mentally Messed Up.....

I have been dating my boyfriend for over two years. I'm a 300l student & he's a fresh graduate going to serve next month. We've gone 2ru a lot together in our two years together. I have made lot of sacrifices for him & he has done the same.
A year into our relationship,I discovered he was cheating.

I confronted him & he promised it won't happen again while also telling him to stop going 2ru his phone Yet, he cheated again but I pretended like I didn't see anything. Quite recently,I discovered that he told one his friends that he doesn't have a girlfriend but he has a friend with benefit.

I didn't say anything but I asked him a couple of days later about how he'd feel if he discovered that I referred to him as a friend with benefit n he said he would be angry.
My problem is I am mentally messed up & I don't believe him anymore.
He says he loves me & all but I am beginning to think I am only seeing what I wanna see n not what is really going on.

He says there hasn't been any other girl since the first one that if he was sleeping with other girls, he wouldn't be so anxious to get back to me whenever we are apart. I am confused cos  I love him but I am not sure I'm strong enough to handle this. When we have sex, all I can think of are his affairs.

I have tried for months to act happy & not be affected by what's going on but how long will I lie to myself bcos I'm avoiding a fight. My friends say I should protect myself & free him. They even blame me for being too faithful. I really don't know what to do.

I am writing exams & its so hard to concentrate. I feel like I need peace but I don't know which decision will give me that peace. Staying or leaving..

Help me pls

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  1. Pls leave, how can he refer to you as a FWB, he's not seeing you as his gf


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