Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Dislike City Girls; I Want To Marry A 'Village Girl'

I can't just seem to get along with our city girls of nowadays! My fingers have been burnt so many times by this category of girls. When I opened a thread some days back on how my gold-digging girlfriend dumped me because of what I inherited from my grandfather, so many people thought I was joking because the mods moved the topic to Jokes Section. I originally created that topic in this very section of Marital Ties Channel.

Our city girls are just too wild & materialistic for my liking! Worse of it is that they tell lies too much; the rate at which they lie can even sweep Lucifer off his feet. How can u explain the fact that a girl u are having an affair with is dating 9 other guys, plus you, making it 10!!! It just seem to me that there's no decent girl left in the city, all they want is to live a flashy lifestyle. Go to Lagos, PH, Warri, Asaba, Benin, Abuja, Enugu, Akure and so many other cities in Nigeria and you will discover 
that the whole place is filled with spoilt girls with sexually and materialistic corrupt minds  I just wonder if I could trust any city girl again. Most of these girls lack proper home training and respect

I want a humble village girl that is decent and natural. I don't have any business with too much beauty; I want my wife to be industrious, respectful and homely. Who says a village girl must be dirty, uneducated and not presentable? Wetin sef? Na artificial eye-lashes, nails and peruvian hair we go chop? 

Any city girl that want to criticize me on this should freely do! I don't give a hoot. I'm The Last Idiot! 

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