Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Found My Fiances Sex Video

It has been a turbulent time for me relationship wise. I met my fiance during my NYSC year in Kogi state. Right there in camp, she had another guy who was also into her, so at the end of camping, after crying when she found out we were not posted to Lokoja as i was, she just went with the other guy who opted to help her secure a better LG, in the short run, she cheated on me with the guy, moreso, the posting didn,t work out. She apologised and i accepted to forgive her. We served in different LG's after camp. I have really built my emotions and trust around her.
After service, I got a job with an engineering firm in Lagos but the salary was just not good enough to plan a future, from that same meagre salary, i still ensured to cater for her reasonable financial needs.
She soon joined me in Lagos for about 8 months, staying with her big sister while trying to secure a job. When it wasnt forth coming, she had to quit Lagos and headed for Abuja where her Sister who just graduated from the university of Abuja resided. Within a space of 2 months, she had already cheated on me twice. How did i get to find out? I was surfing the net and going through one of my favourite sites, when i noticed one of the Sex RAted Videos posted, l downloaded it, lo and behold, this was my wife to be, the only girl i've truely loved and trusted moaning in ecstacy to the pounding of another man.

I confronted her with it and she denied it until i sent her her video.

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