Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Had To Fight Out Cockroaches From My Room

I am a 27years old lady. I am someone that has so many friends, some leave new ones come. At every point am always having at least one staying with me. I stay at my parents house with just my sister and I,  last year I accommodated one of a friend I met at work. In the process, I got to know her more and I found out that she talks a lot so I started withdrawing from..

...her, she noticed it‎ and at times she chips it in that she doesn't talk like that with any other person. We've had cases where we had cold war and verbally attacked each other. When she came initially  anytime she eats she washes only her plate and leave the rest, so I explained to her to just drop her plate instead of doing that since we do collective plate...

...washing and I can imagine what my elder sister will say if she saw that happening. Also on two occasions my elder sister warned me that she doesn't like how I allow her wash the plate that I should ensure I wash plates as soon as possible. Recently, I was going through her pictures and boyfriend' whatsapp message came up, out of curiosity I opened the...
...message and I saw that earlier that day she snapped the kitchen , sent to her boyfriend and also a picture of the sitting room with a plate, telling her boyfriend that he should imagine that I left the plate unwashed that my eldest sister left moimoi plate in the sitting room and we expect her to use the plate to eat like she is a rat. The boyfriend later made a...

...joke from it that she should use snipper in washing the plate she went further and said I told her once that my husband will enjoy my cooking so I know how to cook that will it be my husband that will clear for me. This is someone that is so disorganised , I had to fight out cockroaches from my room when she first came, she comes back from work most

...time won't shower before going to bed, she has washed her towel just once almost a year she has been staying with me and the colour has changed. I was so burnt because this is someone I helped without any obligation. Her boyfriend is also a colleague at work, am sure she would have told him so many stuff about my sister and I before that conversation
 came up. When my other friends come over to the house, she doesn't really relate with them and I understand that people are different. There was a day she told me out rightly that she doesn't like one of friends and all through her stay at my place have only collected money for...

...gas from her once which I later realised I shouldn't have. I can't stand her now after I saw the message. And I don't want to have any drama from it I just want to be mature about the issue.
Please advice me what should I do?
The End.



  1. Tell her what you saw, so if you take any action ppl won't see you as the bad one

  2. No matter how good you are people will see d bad in u, you can't apologise for being you dear, she definitely lacks proper home bringing so pls tell her outrightly that your friendship isn't working anymore, she knows u read her msg so just confront her so she won't accuse u of snooping in on her.let her be d shameful one instead of you


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