Friday, March 18, 2016

I know I Messed Up........

I slept with two different guys in my school before I started dating. The two guys happened to be my boy friend's close friends. While in the relationship, I told him what transpired between myself and  his friends and he said he has forgiven me. Early this year, I broke up with my boyfriend cos I realised he has been...

...playing with me and be even invited a girl
 over to his place for over two months now. The issue now is that my ex-boyfriend is going about telling people about my past. My school is a very small school and gist spreads very fast. Please, I know I messed up and am ready to...

...things. How do I stop my image from getting tarnished in school. How do i face the critics that might come up?

Please I need your advice.


  1. been in a similar situation if not worse...move on,keep ur head up m sure dey will only talk at ur back nd b sure not to get involved with any guy In DAT school till u leave..gudluck

  2. You can't stop people from talking, hold up ur head as the ist said


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