Friday, March 4, 2016

I Loved Him, He Broke My Heart, And I Have Been Cursing Him Deep.

Hi guys, I just want your honest advice as I am new here

My boyfriend recently broke up with me, I really love him (deeply) and he claimed he loved me too. we dated before 4years ago and we got back together in June 2015. Things has been going well between us, he introduced me to all his family and extended and marriage plans were on the way. He promised me marriage ( Don't get me wrong he did not propose) but we talk marriage everyday, future plans, we have planned the wedding and even started looking at venue. We were already planning on getting our first house together, deposit etc.. and things are all in place. 

unfortunately he caught me checking his phone (He has been flirting with other girls) and I set him up, even though he played right into my hands he found out that set him up and he got really annoyed and told his family about it and said he needs time to think about the relationship because I invaded his privacy and set him up and for that reason he is not safe with me.
few days later he came back saying he owe me an apology that when we got back together last year it was not genuine, he was bored, he was pressured to get married and he saw that I was available at the time based on my predicament (I came out of an hurtful marriage) so he felt like he should just be with me since we have dated before.

I felt really hurt and used, even though it was my fault for checking his phone I begged him to take me back but he refused, I have been struggling to deal with the pain as I do not want to lose him. 
I have been cursing him everyday ( as long as he lives unless he comes back to beg me, he will never experience true love from a woman every again) because he failed in his words and I felt like he used me for those reasons he gave.

please am I right in cursing him or should I just leave him and let him be, I really love him and I am hurting, because he failed to address the fact that he was flirting and his family are so biased as well.

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