Friday, April 1, 2016

I My In Mess Or Part Of Relationship Challenge: Please I Need A Candid Advise

I have a lady that we have been dating for almost 1yr now. Have engaged this my fiancee and she promised to marry me. We both work in different states and she has already told me that she wont be moving down to where i am due the fact that her unit is not in the state i base.

She has a medical issue which will be travelling out for the treatment this year and will cost her about N3m to N4m to treat.
We keep having issue any time we discused about it about the footing of the bill. I told her i will give her about N190k but she refused i told me that i should forget about it, that the money will go any where. This my wife to be knows how much i earned as my monthly salary, which is not even up to N200K.

Please my fellow Marital ties sub, please i need your advise................................

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