Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Need To Make A Concrete Decision

I'm a lady of 28yrs in a relationship with a guy of 36. I got to know him through his sister. The guy was looking for a wife and his elder sister recommended me to him. I met him and we started dating. He's a very caring and loving guy. He proposed marriage to me last year and he came to see my parents and my dad said he will pray about it, shortly after prayers he told me he wasn't fine with the relationship that he's not the guy for me and that I should also pray. I started prayers then in my dream I saw the guy's dad chasing me in a big field and I jumped and scaled through 3 holes in that dream. I was confused about the dream. I later...

..went to church for a program that was for people intending to get married. During the program prayers, the man of God called me out to tell me that shortly after the marriage I will die that I should leave the guy alone that another person will come after this prayer session but it's not being easy. The guy changed,...

...stopped calling and now started calling again begging for the marriage plans to begin. Please I need the  advice here.

 I need to take a concrete decision.

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