Friday, April 1, 2016

I wanna know if am trading on the right path....

I was introduced to a gal around Mid February by my African boss; cus I work in an indian company.
as time goes on I fell in Love with this gal.., and She did as well.

But what is daunting my mind about this relationship is that, She already has a child out of wed-lock.

I noticed this her child doesn't like her biological father, but likes me.
People around that knows am not the biology father seeing this always wants me to marry the mother...; cus am just too perfect in al spheres....: Gentility, Coolness, Sincerity, etc just name it.
But my worry now is that..., I stay far away from my people..,
...and am planning on applying for my LEAVE from the company in October or November this year; and will be going with her to show Her to my people.
Am afraid if my people would accept her for the fact She already with a child.

This girl love me soooo  much...!!!

 i sent her picture to my people, and they all liked Her for the fact that She has this natural beauty..., but am afraid they might flicker if i tell them or they find out she already a mother to a child.
Please  I want u guys SAY on this..., becos I love this girl so dearly... & She's the type that u can never find a fault in Her..; She's social, and loved by ALL.
Please advice a brother

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