Friday, March 25, 2016

I want him back.....

We dated for like 2years, beginning of last year we had little issue and we broke up then I started dating someone else, later middle of the year we got back, he complained about the other guy and I told him I wasn't serious with him but he kept on complaining about him like I can't leave the guy and so on but I tried to convince him that nothing is going on between us anymore which was true, I had to end everything with the guy cos I love my boyfriend so much and I don't wanna loose him.

Ending of last year which was December we broke up again cos he feels I wasn't same person anymore, that I was acting like I was cheating on him which I wasn't cos of that issue we stop talking from that December till 2days back when I went to apologise for everything dat has happened but he acted like he wasn't interested,  he even called a girl while I was wit him dat "he's less busy nw, dat she should come nd see him" I felt bad cos he did dat in front of his friends nd later on he was like he wants to go out dat he would call me d next day for us to see.
....but he didn't call at all. Lo & behold were I was thinking & feeling so bad my other Ex boyfriend called me after a very long time, I dint waste secs cos have been dying to go out just to stop thinking... There i saw my Boyfriend at same place i hooked up wit dis other guy I was shocked nd wasn't feeling comfortable.
Now the issue is! I want my boyfriend back cos I love him so so much, I couldn't even sleep sef.
Please my question is how can I win my boyfriend back after he has seen me with this other guy he complained about when we were still dating. Even if he was thinking of considering me before,  now he has seen me with this other guy would he accept me?.....


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