Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I want to divorce my husband why? Please Read.....

I am 32years of age, married for 4yrs,  no kids yet. I and my hubby do have misunderstanding a lot to the extent that both parents intervene. Reasons for the quarrel varies from accusing each other of cheating, hubby demanding huge amount of money from me without stating why or what he's using the money for. We quarrel on late dinner at 8pm whenever i go visiting my parent.

We don't have social life, he rarely takes me out on date and if i ask he will say he is broke. We hardly communicate well the way couple should. Last year he picked up this habit of gambling (sporting bet) which i told him i don't like that he should please stop, cos i realised he invest heavily on it.
I have seen him play with 19k plus just in a day and i also realised he does complain of been broke dis days. Above all, is childless-ness.  Medically he has a low sperm counts later turned to no sperm counts. I was told i have a fallopian tube blockage at first and later go for another test years back and i was told no blockage.

We have been on both orthodox drugs and herbal drugs, still no result.  We reached a conclusion to go for IVF and promised to set aside money every month for that purpose but my hubby has not been compliant. No contribution from him yet, we are to start this January. On February 7th i saw 2 condoms in my hubby's bag while he told me is going to work.

This got me crazy as we both had s*x the previous day. I'm so  confused and fed up with the marriage but i'm sacred where do i start from.  Please, advice me.

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