Friday, March 11, 2016

I Was Dumped By My Girlfriend....

Let me tell you women are very bad
people and you will hear them blaming men for use and dump. 4 years ago, I was dumped by my girl friend. This is someone that I single handedly supported her
through school and after she graduated and started working, she began to change. She started putting password on  her phone, she stopped visiting me regularly and generally just became different. If I raised the issue of our marriage plans she will change the topic. This continued until I decided to pay her a surprise visit one early morning and I met a man in her house. In short the man slept there.

To make matters worse, she embarrassed me when I tried to challenge the man. She said to my face that he's her boyfriend and they are getting married and she walked me out of her house. I tried reaching out to her family and all they could tell me was that she had made her choice. Imagine what I went through. Now 4 years gone, she is reaching out to me and begging to be accepted back. She is calling me and sending people to beg me. She said she was decieved, and that she doesnt know what came over her.
Honestly we had a very good relationship until she messed up. I am still single and when I remember our good times in the past I feel for her but what she did to me really hurt me bad. I have said no to her. Am I right in saying No to her Or should I give her a second chance?
The End.

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  1. I really feel your pain pls give her a 2nd chance God will give u the strength to forgive her


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