Saturday, March 5, 2016

I,M Married But I Still Sleep With My Ex.....

Good evening Admin.

I have a story to share this is a true life story i want to seek advice. Please
I dated my ex for 10 years before breaking up. He deflowered me. Then i met my hubby. The problem i have now is that my hubby is not always around i see him once in a wk at times once in 2 weeks.

Because of that i started having an affair with my ex again. He is so good in bed that i long for him always. My ex is really takin good care of me financially and other wise. I have complained bitterly to my hubby about having time for me but he has been givin me excuses cos of work and so on.

My point is this, am trying to stop the affair by avoiding his call and chats but at the end i still run to him again to satisfy my sexual urge.

Please what should i do about it?

If my hubby was always around i wont think of my ex the way i use to.

Please I need help....

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  1. Sick woman
    If your ex does all these for you why break up? So you would you let you husband stop work to make you sexual satisfied?
    It would be wise if you let you husband go since your ex makes you happy...suddenly, you husband sucked....not be judgemental here...if your ex makes you happy be mature enough tell you husband you want out


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