Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Boobs started swelling like a nursing mother as a result off abortion I had....

Please  am really in a dilemma here,am a final year student of one of the well known institutions, right from my first relationship in life with guys are bitter experiences,had a lot of heartbreaks,am this kind of lady that gives all my all when am in love but I end up being taking for granted to the extent they tell me...

"maybe you should stop loving me & move on,series of hurting words that I can't begin to mention,but sometimes in 2013 I had an abortion for my ex which almost claimed my life,that even after a year of the abortion I had to be rushed back to the hospital cos my boobs started swelling like a nursing mother,...

got treated & since then I have not mistakenly had any pregnancy even most times I deliberately have naked sex,deep down my heart I always think my womb has spoilt,not until I met this guy,we meet just 4 months ago & i  never even thought we could ho this far cos he's this non caring,.
...non challant  type but each time I flare up he begs me & claims he loves me & never wanna loose me,note:(have also been giving inn all I have)I discovered I was 7wks pregnant early these month wish I never expected,even loosed some suitors cos they want me to get pregnant before marriage which I couldn't,... the guy is telling me his not ready & he doesn't need any baby now that I should go & abort it but am scared this might be my last chance from God after all prayers to him to forgive me of my past mistake.... Really confused here,hardly sleep nor eat.
what do I do?

No insult please cos I know am not perfect..... Thanks!

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  1. Pls don't abort again, it might actually be your last. Don't worry he will keep begging you to be responsible for the child.


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