Friday, March 11, 2016

My Boyfriend Needs Naija Mentality....

I am in my mid twenties, been dating my boyfriend for close to a year. We're both done with school; me with my Masters, him with his PhD. My issue is that since graduation, he has not been able to get anything tangible to do, & is the "let's see how things go," "don't worry, things will be fine eventually," rather passive type & currently lives with a distant relative

This worries me because I'm looking forward to settling down soon, and genuinely see us together, as he has so many amazing  qualities, and has really been a blessing to me.
I've connected him to all sorts of resources and people, and a number of times he has acted "one kind" until the opportunity fades away. How do I encourage him, or maybe get him to sit up?
He's very intelligent, and will do great, if he adapts the correct Naija hustling mentality. I know God will surely do it for him, but I need my guy to step outside his comfort zone. Please advise me/us.


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