Thursday, March 24, 2016

My fiance complains am too fat....

Please I need your honest opinion on this matter , i'm a lady with an average height and weighing 70kg, my fiancé always complain about my weight and I know I'm trying my best working on it. But this time around he compared me with my friend and said my friend has a better body structure than I, that i'm not more beautiful as I used to be and that if I want to be his wife then I must Slim down. And so many things I can't even mention. He finally asked if I am ready to do all he wants.
my fear is did he truly love me? what if I Slim down now and even get fatter after giving birth to a baby, would he then hate me so much? i'm confused and scared of going on with the relationship.
Please I need advice from experienced people.

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  1. My advice never do anything to yourself cos of anybody...if he loves you,your looks is the least he will be boyfriend is always after me not loosing weight rather maibtain my figure..nd even if he had a problem with it i cnt do anything to myself...curvy girls rock. So leave urself d way u are.


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