Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My girlfriend is about to loose me, beacause of money.....

I was force to conclude that all what Nigerian girls want is money,i went to Shoprite saw a lovely rose flower and decided to buy it for the girl I love.
I package the flower so nice and took it to her,she was very happy that I brought her a gift we all smiled and peck each other,behold when she open the package and saw a flower her face change.

I notice some tin was wrong and I ask her what happen?and she reply and said how much did you buy this flower and I told her,the most annoying word I heard from her is WHY not give me the money instead of wasting it on ordinary flower...I feel so bad

And can decided to quit the relationship because I now have this feelings that she is dating me for money and no genuine love!!!

What will you do if you are in my shoe?

1 comment:

  1. She doesn't like flowers lol. Get her what she wants. We are not in a westernised world, so stuffs like giving flowers don't really freak us Africans


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