Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Heart Lies With A Prostitue!!!!!!!!

I'm 31 years old and have a twin, we have been planning to get married the same day. My twin has seen the girl she wants to marry but the girl I have in mind to marry just got pregnant for another guy, and i've been seeing this girl i met in a brothel and we're so into each other.

She understands me but I can't imagine marrying someone like that knowing some of my friends have had s*x with her and my parents will never forgive me if they know where I met her. My parents are planning to get someone for me, if I don't show up with anyone by May... that's on my 31st birthday party.

Should I follow my heart with girl in the brothel or wait for them to bring someone I don't even love or know. Nobody is perfect and don't judge me. Just need an advice.


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