Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Husband Changed One Year After Marriage

Please Admin.

I need your help.  My marriage is just a year and some months and my hubby is now a different person. The kind of marriage I dreamt  of is the one full of love. My hubby and I ain't staying together due to his work. We have a baby boy for now and i'm always home with him. My husband just changed from this caring, sweet and lovely guy to "I don't care " guy...

He forbids me calling him by his first name anymore maybe because of the age distance between us and this is shutting down the love between us. If i'm complaining about something to him, instead of him paying attention to it he will want to find mistakes I made during the conversation. Communication zero, attention zero, love play like kissing passionately, hugging, teasing,..
...and appreciation all zero.

I'm starting to think I made a mistake in marrying him, because to be honest i'm not happy with this issue at all. I just need you to help me out. I wanna win my husband back, he stopped telling me things, like what is going through or maybe i'm just the bad wife.

I try my best to do all my responsibilities, i care for him but he doesn't  reciprocate. If I tell him "i love you,I miss you" he will just say thanks


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