Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Husband is Fondling With My Maids....

I am married with a 6mnths old baby, we dated for 10yrs before we eventually got married in August 2015 although he has been married before but divorced wit 2kids from 2 different women and I got pregnant shortly after our introduction. My husband only sleep with me once in 4months and when I ask him for s3x he says he's tired. I discovered my husband has been fooling around with my maid even before I put to bed and after.
I didn't know at first;I took my baby for immunization only for me to get there and was told it was the following day. I went back home only for me to see my husband fondling with the maid's boobs. I was shocked and pretended asif I didn't see anything. One day when he left home I asked the maid what's going on btw them but she said nothing and when I started beating her she confessed to me that my husband has been disturbing her, he gives her money, buy things for her and it's been going on for awhile and I warned the maid not to tell him she told me anything. Since then I started to observe both of them. Whenever I want to send the girl on an errand he complains i am sending her on too much errands that I should allow her rest.

One day it got to me and I confronted him about what he's been doing with my maid but he denied it and became violent, he started beating me and threw my things out but his friends came and settled it. The following day I sent the girl parking hoping dat when she leaves things will get better between us but it became worse.
 My husband goes out and comes back 3am and sometimes 4am, he never touched me throughout my pregnancy and that's why I gave birth through CS cos I was too tight and the baby cldnt come out and also had high blood pressure. When we have misunderstandings he tells me to pack my things and leave, he insults me in the presence of his driver. I think he doesn't loves me as much as I love him. My marriage is barely 7mnths and it seems my whole world is crashing. ‎I'm confused don't know wat to do. Please I need your advice.
The End.

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