Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Husband,s Ex Has High Standard..

I have been married for 5yrs now in what I'll confidently call a peaceful and loving marriage. He is a very patient and caring man. We are blessed with 2 kids and another on the way. ‎We sit and gist as couples and he tells me about the girls he met before me when he was ready to settle down, the one I'm not comfortable with is when he tells me about his ex girlfriend.

He stresses the fact that she was very beautiful, so beautiful that people stare when she walks by, she buys him expensive things and sometimes goes as far as telling me about their sex life, how lively she was and every good thing about her, he just paints the perfect picture of her. The reason why he didn't marry her was cos she's not from his...
...state. Cos of the notion that women from her state are usually unfaithful to their husbands and with how trendy she was he was scared she might tow the same line if something ever happened that he couldn't meet up with her needs. He might not be saying any of these to hurt my feelings but I just feel some where that maybe he has not gotten over her...

 ...and another feeling that he might be unknowingly comparing me to her cos I don't need a prophet to tell me that with the way he describes her I don't come close to her standards and it makes me feel very bad. He hasn't contacted her since I came into the picture though and I heard she's married now. So my question...

 ... is should he be telling me things about his past relationships and am I wrong for feeling bad? And if he shouldn't be telling me, how do I tell him to stop?

The End.

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