Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Sister Is Over Protective....

I am a 300L student, I have a boyfriend  and we have been dating since 100L. I live with my sister in school, she is in her 500l, ever since 100l I have been having  issues being stuck between  my sis and boyfriend. My sis is one who talks anyhow, sometimes she will come and meet my boyfriend in my room and she will be taking anyhow cuz I stay with her.

On Fridays I do go spend the weekend at his place, most of the time before it's 6am she will start calling that I should come back, the issue always annoy my boyfriend , he feels she thinks he Is a child. My sis always try your monitor me ever since 100l and I always obey her, have never disobeyed. The thing is  when...

...her boyfriend was in school too, she always stay at his place.  Don't you think am too old to be pushed around by my sis, my bf is not happy about it, I don't want this incident to make him cheat or anything.

What should I do. Pls I need your advice.

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