Friday, March 4, 2016

My Sweet Step Mother......

Hahahhaha, I know when some people read my story they will call me names, but I don't regret my actions at all.

My name is Emmanuel, my friends call me Emma, I am 24 years old, am in my 2nd year in the university. I lost my mum when I was in my SS3 and I was the only child.

It all happened, one faithful day,My mum was traveling for a seminar in Lagos, she was suppose to board a flight after the seminar, but she choose to come back to Abuja, she said she preferred coming by road. On their way to Abuja, the car had a terrible accident which took her life.

It wasn't easy for me, because she was my girlfriend, my friend and my everything. I was in shock for like 3 days. With time I was getting over it, it affected my first WEAC I failed woefully. But such is life God gives and God takes.

But before my mum,s death, my dad wasn't treating her nice, he was womanizing a lot, that my mum even knew about it, but she always says there is nothing she can do. Atimes he sleeps out for like a week, comes in anytime he likes. My mum took me as her husband. She wasn't happy though, but what can she do.
A times some of the ladies will come to the house to warn my dad to leave them alone, you can imagine if you where in my mum,s shoe. What will you do as a lady, but yet she kept loving my mum until death took her away.

A month after her death, one off my dad,s girlfriend do come to the house to spend weekend, she do hide though, cus of what Neighbors will say. We later buried my mum the traditional way. We mourned her for as usual, the normal Igbo way, wearing morning cloth for like 6 months. My dad was changing girls as he likes, brings them home, luckily I passed my jamb and gained admission into the university. Before leaving for school, one night my dad came home with a sweet lovely girl, and introduced her to me as a girl he wants to marry. I was like welcome Ma, she said how are you? I respnded fine.

I left for school the next day, in school i felt my mum,s absent so much, cus all the while in secondary school, she always told me about university, how girls are everywhere, and university life. I promised her that any girl I will date, I will show her first.

After my first semester in school, I made just little friends both males & females, but no girlfriend, cus my mum that was to choose for me was gone. It was holidays I went home, my dad has done the traditional rights of my step mum. So she was finally leaving with us.

She is a very pretty woman, but common she is my step mum, she was so nice to me, and we where very close. My dad is hardly at home, so I was like her friend.

One morning she prepared breakfast, she pumped into my room and I was naked, was going to have a shower, she was like sorry I used my towel to cover. After showering she apologized I was it,s ok. But you have a sweet body she said. Lol I said thanks.

My dad went for a business trip to Porthacourt. I went to my friends house to visit him, she called me, that is getting late, I told her I will soon be home, I told my friend what had happened between us in the morning, they adviced me to have an affiar with her, that I do complain how my dad treated my mum, that this is the best time to pay back.

When I got home that night, she was on a nighty gown, very short, you can see through it, her breast was standing, looking at me, her pus*y was so plain and fair,very inviting,well shaved oh my God. I couldn't remove my eyes off her.

I told her am sorry went to see a friend, she said is ok, that I should sit on her laps, she asked. Me have i ever had s3x before I said No. She said do u want to try it, I said yes, my friends do say how they enjoyed it. She siad ok let's go inside.i was like not with you that if my dad finds out he won't be happy, she said no one will tell him. She asked if I will tell him I said No.

We went into my room, she locked everywhere, oh my God I was so confused that night, she came in and told me to remove my cloth and have a shower which I did, I came out with my towel she removed it. She was sack naked. OMG.

She said I should suck her nipples, although I do watch porn, atimes in school. I sucked her nipple so good that she was moaning. She sucked my pen*s, I felt so good, she is good. After that she inserted it into her pus*y. She was pounding her, she was moaning so good. I really enjoyed it, although it was my first I didn't last long. I told her am tired. She said is ok that I should rest,  She left.

 Now we practically have sex, everyday, even when my dad is around we will have quickie in the toilet, I am paying back for what my dad did to my mum.

Please should I stop, because I don't have a girlfriend, she is practically my girlfriend. I come home every 2 weeks to to have sex with her.

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  1. Stop the affair with ur step mum, bcos b4 God, its a sin, secondly if ur dad finds out, he may not send u to school again, leave vengeance for God


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