Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Wife Is Obsessed With My Ex, What Should I Do?

I was involved with an older woman for a while, when I was 21. I loved her very much. She wasn’t exactly well balanced, so I thought about ending the relationship. But right before I could cease the relationship, she got pregnant and I had to marry her. As expected, there were several complications and the marriage ended in divorce. 

I took complete responsibility of it. I have been providing for my child as per the divorce agreement. I got remarried 6 months after my divorce, hoping to start life afresh with a nice girl. However, my wife has been completely obsessed with my ex since day 1 of our marriage. 

It’s been almost four years, since we got married but she keeps following my ex on social media and constantly harasses me by humiliating me for my past. I have been patient and have spent a lot of energy over the past four years counseling her every day.

She sees absolutely nothing wrong with her behaviour. What bothers me is that this will go on for the rest of my life, since there is no change in her behaviour. I didn’t even think this much about my ex, while we were together. I am contemplating a second divorce and want to live alone. Is that the best step? After four years, I don’t have the energy to talk to her about this any further. What should I do?


  1. Get someone like her mum to talk to her.a second divorce isn't the best

  2. Considering another divorce is awkward.

  3. The best advice is to talk to God pray and fast about it you won't regret it cus ur life would change positively for Good.

  4. That's better idea try and divorce her and look after your children and live your life because she won't change the fact that your ex is still exist

  5. I think she too has an issue she is not opening up,confront, accuse her and threatening her with ur ex and she wil tell you her reason.


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