Friday, March 25, 2016

No Pregnancy No Wedding.....

I have been with my spouse for 6yrs now. I was pregnant when we started but had to use pills and now i need a baby. I thought it was from him but he's ok. I think the problem is from me cos firstly my period isn't regular. I've tried all what my doctor asked me to us. (Using combination3 for like 3 months and premonuteN).

All just to correct my menstrual cycle but all to no avail last month i was asked to use vitE and clomide also yet nothing and my spouse cant get married to me if am not pregnant. Now he's giving me just a month to get pregnant. I am almost loosing it. I feel so much pain, depressed, suicidal etc. His family are on me. If God doesn't answer my own prayers He sure would answers yours.

Please I need ur prayers and advice.

The End.

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