Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Please Help!! My Boyfriend Infected Me With Gonorrhea, What Should I Do?

I am not proud to say this, I have been dating my boyfriend for some months now, 6-7 months if I am not exaggerating, ever since, I started dating him, I have no reason whatsoever to think he is having an affair outside the relationship as he takes care of me from time to time and pamper me a lot unlike my former boyfriends

Yesterday, I was having a little discharge, which was quite unusual for me, so I told my friend who is a nurse, she advised me to visit their clinic for a test, I obliged and to my greatest surprise, I was told I had contracted gonorrhea

The last time I had sex before I met my boyfriend was six months ago and we started having sex in the third month of the relationship

Right now, I am confused as I don’t know if my boyfriend is sleeping with someone else or there are other ways you can contract gonorrhea

Please I need your views as I can’t stand a man who cheats, I want to tell him the situation on ground now as advised by the doctor but I am deeply angry as I feel he infected me with the disease

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