Friday, April 1, 2016

Please How Do I Take My Revenge On Her?

There is this girl i was in a relationship with 7 years ago. We were devoted to each other. In fact, we met at a crusade so i was happy i have found someone who isn,t like me. And i tried my best to repent just for her sake. She broke my heart 2 years later. Cheated on me in my face!I let her be.

 I remember then she had financial issues and her sister needed a transplant surgery, i know how hard i worked to raise that money to save her sister. What did i get as thank you? Oh yes, my girlfriend with another guy in my own bed! That same year, the guy used her and dumped her. She didnt have the guts to come back to me, so we went our separate ways.

Just last week easter she came around. We got talking again and seems something has gone wrong with her sister again and it is critical. She needs my help now. I saw her and her sis as the sister was a good friend to me even for the past 5 years we still talked even hang out some time. The sister is lying sick in some hospital her father is late and the mother doesnt have much so she remembered me.

I think this is the right time to take my revenge of 5 years ago. I have the money to save her sister but what can i do to make her pay for what she did 5 years ago? (Although she apologized 5 years ago, i did not forgive and i did not forget). I want her to feel the pain that i felt when she cheated on me. I know how i took a dangerous loan from my boss to save her sis then. My boss almost arrested me because i failed to pay thanks to my brothers who helped me pay back and she cheated on me after everything.

I want her to pay! I don't want the sister to be the instrument of my revenge if i do not help the sister and leave her to her fate. What else can i do? Or do i use the sister?

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  1. Do u think u'll feel better after ur revenge n bear in mind dat a life is at stake here, if anything @ all help save a life den u can punish her n make her realize her mistake.


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