Saturday, March 19, 2016

She Cheats, She Lied, I Slapped, She Callsoff. Who Is Wrong?

These days every ladies single or married will say "consider this relationship over the day u raise your hands on me no matter how long or sweet it is."

I seems to subscribe to such a brave decision. but I've been a victim once/twice.

my two experiences, come to think of it self! I've loved this girl for good two years and there was nothing I didn't do for her, I mean nothing, though I didn't take her to the moon o, I mean I loved this girl pass my mama.

she cheated on me, I suspected it, she denied it for the whole 3 months that i was asking her if anything I'd such. the painful part was, d guy was still calling. I got prove after 3 and half months with that announced of lying to me I slapped her (just once o). Its the lie that even got me upset not sleeping with the guy.

After some months she got another guy and called it off b/w us. After two years she claims she stopped loving me since the day I raised my hands against her. (the word pain me enh!)

I no I was wrong but now I'm the victim here. I wud have brokeup with her after finding out she cheated on me.

so guys, if a woman says she will end the marriage/relationship because her man hits her just once, then, what do we faithful guys do if a woman cheats, should kukuma pack then out according to the bible, slap them so that they can come and go by themselves or forgive them?

pls manage my typos abeg me na typical 9ja pikin...oyibo no b my papa language.


  1. No matter what, never raise your hand on a woman again

  2. No matter what, never raise your hand on a woman again


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